2004-11-10 - 4:24 p.m. - autumn is for leaves

Things are busy round these parts! StART on the Street was awesome minus the super hurricaine winds which took down the whole display twice.

We met tons of great artists and people and spread the button glee. :)
Over the months we made this set of buttons for the fabulous Kim of Breton Bleu Studio.

She has an amazing store of arty goodness in Walpole, MA. We are tossing around ideas for making some button sets together in various themes. yay!!

Last but not least, a couple of my new favorites. The Star Hustler set. I've never even seen the show in action and I still love them. Cheesy astronomy + buttons = good.
Also check out our ebay auctions for cool button sets cheap!
i think thats about it.. more news to come.. things are always changing. :D

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